Fighting the YouTube API

I thought day 2 was going to be a walk in the park. Hadn’t I hooked up to the YouTube API before? Turns out I couldn’t add the neccessary OAuth2 credentials anymore, because who knows.

The goal was relatively simple. I want a single click solution to syncing my YouTube subscriptions with my feed reader. Currently I am relying on an OPML export function that may be dropped from their interface entirely.

Currently the rough sketches have been done:

There are 2 buttons on the page, one to initiate the Feedbin sign-in flow, and another to initiate the Google Oauth2 flow. Once both have been completed a secondary option is shown to import all of the feeds.

The thing I am still trying to figure out is true synchronisation. Somehow I need to also remove feeds of channels that I am no longer subscribed to. I thought about doing a mass delete of all the feeds but that would lose valuable historic information about reads (and stars? I am not sure those are kept). Not entirely sure how diffing is going to happen. That might just turn into tomorrow’s issue.

How annoying for day 2 to seemingly turn into a 2 day project already.